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Check out my new Dribbble Shot, Its a free PSD of some icons I have created. 

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Make a Mac app out of any Mobile site.

This is a really cool small tutorial I picked up today before work, it basically runs Mobile sites/ web apps as a app of your mac and you can put it in your dock or lunch pad. All you need is the Automator Application that comes free with every Mac. I am running lion at the minute not sure if it will work on any previous OSX. 

First we need to get the URL for what ever site we want to make, for this example I’m going to use Facebook. here is the URL you need

Now open automator you need to choose new Application.


Now click on to Get Specified URLs, Change the URL to

Next Click on to Website Popup. Here u can change the size of the window that the app will display in. I just used the default iPhone size (320x480)

Now you just need to click run. You should have a nice Facebook window, next thing we need to do is save it as an app, click file save then name it Facebook, save it to you desktop.

You should now have a app on you desktop with the default automator icon, the next step we need to do is change the icon. You can download the icon here 

once you have the icon downloaded right click the icon and select “Get info” and do the same for your Facebook app. 

now on the top left of your info on the Facebook icon you need to click the icon so it highlights blue the hit command-c to copy it, then on the info of your Facebook app click the automator icon at the top left so it highlights blue and hit command-v to paste the new icon in. 

I hope I have explained it well enough for you, any questions please contact me via email vincentamilliken [at] 

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Recommended set*

Guy J - Sunny July mix

This set is a must listen from start to finish it is an awesome show case of the best in dance music. From the into to the outro this set is sure to get you though those hard sunny days. 

Guy J - Sunny July mix by Guy J

Structures Two (mixed by John digweed) *Review

After the huge cd Structures from Digweed comes this mind blowing Structures Two, 3 Cd’s of truly awesome electronic dance music. The 3CD’s are really in a world of there own with the first CD starting with chill ambient mixes just kicks off the compilation. 

One to watch out for, Guy J - Easy As Can Be (Tom Middleton Beatless Mix)

Rating- 10/10 


Artist: VA

Title: Structures Two (Mixed By John Digweed)

Genre: Electronic

Label: Bedrock


John Digweed Structures Two CD 2 Mini Mix Preview by Bedrock Records
John Digweed Structures Two CD 1 Mini Mix Preview by Bedrock Records


Recommended set!

I would definitely have to listen to this set its just incredible. 

Max Cooper Live - Reflections/Contortions [For Gottwood festival] by Max Cooper


I have recently finished my portfolio, I have design it in HTML5 and CSS3 check it out.

Round up!

Here is just a round up of a few tracks ive been obsessing over on soundcloud. They are mostly mind blowing Techno and Tech house tracks. Guy to watch out for Max Cooper, lots of sick tracks coming from him. 

Solace (Clip) by Max Cooper MiniCoolBoyz - Not in Miami by MiniCoolBoyz MiniCoolBoyz-Nizam (Cut) by MiniCoolBoyz

Vincent Milliken soundcloud Favorites

Check the link to get to my Favorites on Sound Cloud.

Guy j - 1000 words

Guy J ’ 1000 Words’ CD 2 Mini - Mix Promo by Bedrock Records

This is an awesome album from Guy J 3CD’s of just superb tracks. The first Cd is just more chilled out, the 3rd Cd (unmixed) is just awesome I would definitely  recommend this CD, well worth the listen. 

Check out more of Guj j’s tracks on his 

Got Spotify check out my Guy j playlist

contact me via email

contact me via email

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I am Vincent Milliken im a Webdesigner from Belfast. I am currently studying Interactive Multimedia design at university of Ulster. This is my blog, here I am going to add lots of stuff that inspires me out there in the web, I will also add my current work im doing for everyone to check out. Check back soon to see some content added. 

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